Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
Election Day & Staff and Student Holiday Armstrong Calendar Note
Boone Calendar Note
Bradfield Calendar Note
HPHS Calendar Note
HPISD Administration Calendar Holiday Note
HPMS Calendar Note
Hyer Calendar Note
MIS Calendar Note
UP Calendar Note
HPISD Business Office
HPISD Communications Department
HP Swim - HP v Jesuit/Ursuline Meet HPHS Pool HPHS Swimming
HP Varsity Tennis v Regional Quarterfinals TBD Seay Tennis Center HPHS Tennis Varsity
12:00 am
5:30 am
6:00 am
HPHS Band Rehearsal HPHS Band Hall, NW127 HPHS Facility Services
6:30 am  
7:00 am
Election - Polling Place HPISD Administration Building HPISD Administration Staff
HPISD Business Office
Election Day - Polling Place UP Gym C111 University Park Elementary
HPISD Principals
7:30 am  
8:00 am
Professional Exchange Day for Staff, Student Holiday Armstrong Elementary
Boone Elementary School
Bradfield Elementary School
HPISD Academy for Lifelong Learning - ALL
HPISD Administration Building
Highland Park High School
Highland Park Middle School
Hyer Elementary School
McCulloch Intermediate School
University Park Elementary
Armstrong Grade 4
Armstrong Parents
Armstrong Staff
Armstrong Grade K
Armstrong Students
Armstrong Team Leaders
Armstrong classroom teachers
Boone Faculty
Boone Grade 1
Boone Grade 2
Boone Grade 3
Boone Grade 4
Boone Grade K
Boone Staff
Bradfield Grade 1
Bradfield Grade 2
Bradfield Grade 3
Bradfield Grade 4
Bradfield Parents
Bradfield Staff
Bradfield Grade 1
Bradfield Grade 2
Bradfield Grade 3
Bradfield Grade 4
Bradfield Grade K
Bradfield Kindergarten
Bradfield PPCD
Bradfield Parents
Bradfield Staff
Bradfield Students
Bradfield students
HPHS Department Chairs
HPHS Facility Services
HPHS Food Services
HPHS Grade 10
HPHS Grade 11
HPHS Grade 12
HPHS Grade 9
HPHS Librarians
HPHS Parents
HPHS Principals
HPHS Students
HPISD Board of Trustees
HPISD Business Services Assistant Superintendent
HPISD Cafeteria Staff
HPISD Campus Instructional Technologists
HPISD Communications Department
HPISD Facility Services employees
HPISD Food Service
HPISD Librarians
HPISD Nurses
HPISD Paraprofessionals
HPISD Principals
HPISD Special Programs
HPMS 7th Grade
HPMS 7th Grade Parents
HPMS 7th Grade Students
HPMS 7th Grade Teachers
HPMS 8th Grade
HPMS 8th Grade Parents
HPMS 8th Grade Students
HPMS 8th Grade Teachers
HPMS Counselors
HPMS Department Chairs
HPMS Faculty
HPMS Grade 7
HPMS Grade 8
HPMS Principal
HPMS Special Education
MIS 5th Grade House of Malcolm
MIS 5th Grade Parents
MIS 5th Grade Students
MIS 5th Grade Teachers
MIS 6th Grade Parents
MIS 6th Grade Teachers
MIS Department Chairs
MIS Faculty
MIS Grade 5
MIS Grade 6
MIS Parents
MIS Staff
MIS Student Body
MIS/HPMS 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Teachers
MIS/HPMS Building Supervisor
MIS/HPMS Paraprofessionals
UP Brownie Group Blaylock Ldr
UP Facility Services
UP Girls
UP Grade 1
UP Grade 2
UP Grade 2 TAG students
UP Grade 3
UP Grade 3 TAG students
UP Grade 4
UP Grade 4 TAG
UP Grade K
UP Moms
UP Nurses
UP Parents
UP Parents First Grade
UP Parents Fourth Grade
UP Parents Kindergarten
UP Parents Second Grade
UP Parents Third Grade
UP Parents of Boys
UP Parents of New Students
UP Staff
UP Students All
UP Teacher Grade 1
UP Teachers Grade 1
UP Teachers Grade 2
UP Teachers Grade 3
UP Teachers Grade 4
UP Teachers KG
Armstrong Grade 1
Armstrong Grade 2
Armstrong Grade 3
UP- Virtual Book Fair UP Online Event UP Class Use
8:15 am
Bradfield PTA Executive Board Meeting Bradfield Online Event Bradfield PTA
8:30 am
2:30 pm
3:00 pm  
3:15 pm
Boone Extended School Day Boone Cafetorium
Boone Gym - C115
Boone Playground
HPISD Academy for Lifelong Learning - ALL
Hyer Extended School Day Hyer Cafetorium
Hyer Gymnasium
Hyer Kindergarten Playground
HPISD Academy for Lifelong Learning - ALL
3:30 pm
HPHS Band Rehearsal HPHS Band Hall, NW127 HPHS Facility Services
4:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
5:30 pm
HP Volleyball Crandall (JV2 vs Plano E. @ McMillen 7:30) Crandall ISD - Crandall High School
Plano ISD - McMillen HS
HPHS Volleyball 9 A
HPHS Volleyball 9 B
HPHS Volleyball JV
HPHS Volleyball Varsity
6:00 pm
11:30 pm