Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
HPMS Semester Exams grades 7 & 8 Highland Park Middle School Highland Park Middle School
HPMS Students
HPMS Faculty
12:00 am
7:30 am
8:00 am  
8:10 am
HPHS Exam Day - Early Release HPHS Classrooms HPHS Faculty
HPHS Students
HPHS Semester Exams: 6th & 5th /Early Release 3 pm HPHS Classrooms HPISD Website Calendar Event
HPHS Parents
HPHS Faculty
8:15 am
Bradfield Holidays Around the World (1st grade ONLY) Bradfield Elementary School Bradfield Elementary School
8:30 am
MIS 5th grade House of Douglas - Electric Arcade MIS B353 MIS Faculty
MIS 5th Grade Science Teachers
MIS 5th Grade Students
MIS 5th Grade House of Douglas
9:00 am
MIS/HPMS - SEPAC Board Meeting HPMS 7/8 Assembly Room (C161) Highland Park Middle School
McCulloch Intermediate School
MIS/HPMS PC-TAG Board Meeting MIS B158 Park Cities - Talented and Gifted
MIS 5th grade - House of Davidson Electric Arcade MIS B152
MIS B156
MIS First Floor Flex Space (B150)
MIS 5th Grade House of Davidson
MIS 5th Grade Students
MIS 5th Grade Teachers
9:30 am
2:00 pm
2:30 pm  
2:45 pm
HPHS NCAA National Signing Day-Football HPHS Cafeteria
HPHS Cafeteria Commons Area
HPHS Cafeteria Stage
HPHS Athletic Office
HPHS Facility Services
HPHS Faculty
HPISD Athletic Director - Boys - Coach Randy Allen
HPISD Athletic Director - Johnny Ringo
HPISD Girls Athletic Director - Susan Bailey
3:00 pm  
3:30 pm
UP - Faculty Mtg University Park Elementary
UP Cafetorium C116
UP Library Main
UP Staff
University Park Elementary
4:00 pm
ALL - Drama Kids Hyer Cafetorium Hyer Elementary School
HPISD Academy for Lifelong Learning - ALL
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
5:30 pm
6:00 pm  
6:15 pm
Hyer - 3rd Grade Holiday Performance HPHS Auditorium - Large Hyer Parents
Hyer Staff
Hyer Students
Hyer Third Grade Parents
6:30 pm  
7:00 pm
HPISD Special Olympics Basketball at HPMS HPMS Competition Gym - South HP Special Olympics
7:30 pm
11:30 pm